Common Accessories

3M Front Hood Protector

Protects against stone chips with a thick transparent hood film without altering aesthetics.

Floor Liner Package

The WeatherTech FloorLiner are digitally laser measured to the interior surfaces for a consistently perfect fit. Accurately and completely lines the interior carpet giving "absolute interior protection". The WeatherTech Floor Liner cover the carpet even up the sides of the vehicle’s footwell.

Hitch & Wiring

Vehicles not equipped to tow will have the option of an accessory hitch at the size of 1-1/4" with no draw bar. Vehicles equipped for towing will have an option of a 2" hitch with applicable wiring and include the draw bar. No hitch package will come with a ball. See dealer for pricing.

Remote Start

Vehicles equipped with push button start have the ability to get built-in remote start on the factory key fob. Other options would include a 1-way separate remote start fob or a 2-way separate remote start fob. See dealer for details.

Body Protection

Rust Proof

Sym-Tech Upperbody & Underbody rust protection is a wax based material sprayed on all main components of the chassis, frame and suspension of the vehicle while the upperbody spray covers bottom of all doors, tailgate, hood and engine compartment. It is a 10 year coverage with no annual inspections required.

Paint Protection

Sym-Tech Paint Protection is professionally applied to bond to the vehicles paint, creating a smooth impermeable finish. Protects against pollutants such as acid rain, bird droppings and tree sap. Also blocks out UV rays and protects against fading and loss of gloss.

Fabric Protection

Sym-Tech Upholstery Protection is specially formulated to coat and protect individual fibres of leather and vinyl. It makes upholstery easier to clean and guards against permanent staining and colour fading.

Tire, Rim & Key Fob Coverage

This product covers road hazard incidents for tires such as a puncture, cut or snag, impact break or tread damage. Rim hazard includes damage that it will not seal, resulting in air loss such as a bent rim due to pot hole. Key fob replacement covers a lost, stolen or destroyed key fob. See dealer for more details.

Loan Protection

WALKAWAY Debt Protection

WALKAWAY debt protection gives you the ability to return your vehicle or have payments made for you in the event of an unexpected circumstance such as, but not limited to, involuntary unemployment, physical disability, driving restrictive medical conditions, accidental death or self-employed bankruptcy. Six protection packages to choose from. See dealer for more details.

Total Loss GAP Coverage

We hope it never happens, but if your vehicle is deemed a total loss (written off due to fire, theft, flood or accident), there can be a signifcant difference between the amount your insurer covers and the balance you owe to your financial institution. This product covers the 'gap' up to $50,000. Product also pays the primary insurance deductible up to $1,000 and pays a $500 loyalty credit on the next vehicle at your selling dealer. See dealer for more details.

Excess Wear for Lease

Eligible lease excess wear charges are waived up to 100% of up to a $7,500 claim limit for common lease wear charges such as dents, paint scratches, windshield damage, bumper damage, upholstery damage, damaged wheels, worn tires, muffler and tailpipes. See dealer for more detail.

Extended Warranty Coverage

Kia Protect - Mechanical Breakdown Protection

The 5 Star Plan coverage is extendable up to 10 years or 200,000 KM. This Genuine Kia extended coverage is an exclusionary coverage meaning it covers all items on the vehicle other then a small list of excluded items. See dealer for more details.

People's Choice Warranty - Used Vehicle Warranty

Bronze, Silver & Gold plans provide comprehensive extended service coverage's to protect your investment from financial burdens of sudden unexpected repair expenses. Many options available. See dealer for more details.

Product Costs

Sample Pricing based on 84 Months @ 0.99%

These figures are the approximate bi-weekly per payment amount to add these products, taxes-in.

Most commonly chosen options of each product.


$1.29 - 3M Front Hood Film

$2.70 - Liner Package - 1st Row, 2nd Row & Cargo

$3.82 - 2" Hitch w/ Draw Bar and Wiring

$2.89 - Remote Start - Built into Factory Key Fob


$3.85 - Rustproof

$3.85 - Paint Protection

$3.85 - Fabric Protection

$9.00 - Rust, Paint & Fabric Package Price

$5.33 - Tire, Wheel & Key Fob Coverage

Loan Protection

$9.32 - Total Loss GAP Coverage

$4.81 - WALKAWAY Debt Protection (Standard w/ 4 Payments)

$6.10 - Excess Wear for Lease

Mechanical Warranty

$22.50 - 10 Years / 200,000 KM Full Comprehensive MBP

$18.00 - 3 Year / Unlimited KM People’s Choice Gold Plan w/ High Tech Parts

Figures are to be confirmed with dealer.