In this edition of Cobourg Kia Drives we decided to take a tour through the town of Cobourg. On a nice lovely Saturday morning, we wanted to take a cruise through a few neighborhoods, stop by the Library, hit the Lake and cruise the downtown. Enjoy the quick video, click on the photo's for full size images and enjoy the scenery!


Danforth Road


Danforth Road


Danforth Road


Bay Street


Bay Street


Bay Street


Ontario Street - Cobourg Library


King Street


King Street


Elgin Street - Conservation Area


Elgin Street - Conservation Area


Elgin Street - YMCA Northumberland Camp Tiki Grounds


Elgin Street - YMCA Northumberland


University Avenue & College Street - Historic Victoria College

The drive was done in a 2017 Kia Sportage EX AWD. We had a great time touring the town and would love to hear any stories, other locations or pin point some things we drove by the we missed!

If you saw something in the video that you think should be noted on the video - email us with "4:57 - Victoria College" and we will compile them all and add them in. Additionally if you see your house and you want that in there, we'll put "Matt's Place ->".

Cobourg Kia Drives will be featuring towns and communities all over Northumberland and would love to hear from you with your thoughts about the project and would love to hear suggestions of towns to do and places to go! We hope to hear from you. 

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Sebastian & Corey

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